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Kemas Groundnut Oil

It is produced using quality local groundnut seeds from the market. It is carefully cleaned, before processing.

  • Kemas Groundnut Oil is pure and maintains the natural aroma of groundnut.

  • The product is produced under the best hygienic condition. It is cholesterol free

  • It is available in different sizes of 1ltres, 2ltres, 4litres, 10litres, and 25litres.

  • The bulk purchase also available.

Peperred Groundnut Chips (kuli kuli)

Kemas Groundnut Chips contains all forms of vitamins useful to the body.

  • It is carefully spiced, hot and crunchy.

  • It can be taken with cassava flour (gari), custard, pap, tea, and other fiber food.

  • Easy to chew (soft)

The product is available in different packs.

  • Sachet packs

  • Container packs

  • Kilogram measurement

Kemas Groundnut oil cake

Kemas Groundnut Oil Cake (GNC) is good for animal feed. Can be used for chicken, cow, sheep and other forms of animal for food.

It is available in a different kilogram.

Kemas Brown Rice

Kemas Brown (Ofada) rice is stoned free. It contains the natural aroma of ofada rice. It is available in 1kg, 2kg, and 5kg.



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